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Pregnancy and childbirth is a wonderful time full of hope and anticipation but it is also a time of transition. Transition brings change and with it comes uncertainty and it is not uncommon for some new parents to struggle with this. Becoming a new parent can be stressful as you adapt to your new role and make sense of what being a parent means to you and your partner.
My aim as a psychotherapist and counsellor is to provide specifically targeted emotional care for women during pregnancy and the peri- natal period in order to facilitate the transition to motherhood through providing an opportunity to think and talk about the self as a mother.There is adequate opportunity for discussion of labour and childbirth and how you wish to approach this, with a view to possibly exploring tolerance for imperfection, unpredictability and uncertainty. Bonding and attachment can be discussed in a confidential non judgemental environment as can the last taboo - the lack of bonding and attachment, which many women are afraid to talk about due to fear of judgement and feelings of guilt and shame.
Understanding difficult confusing feelings can help normalise and diffuse a stressful situation, and early detection of such feelings can prevent a worsening situation as the mothers needs become identified and are met with appropriate care.

I recommend starting counselling during pregnancy with face to face sessions, in the post-natal period i suggest the use of Zoom or FaceTime as it is often difficult to get out of the house in the early days. This is of course open for discussion and i am willing to accommodate your needs wherever possible.

Fees are on a sliding scale

I also offer ante natal psychological wellbeing group workshops that promote exploration of what becoming a mother means to you as an individual and how you can best prepare yourself psychologically.Key areas are explored creatively in a respectful confidential environment. There is a real potential for supportive long lasting friendships to develop within these groups that may be of great value to you in the future.

Not forgetting the fathers, i offer psychotherapy and counselling to new fathers individually whereby an open and honest discussion may be had and any fears concerns or anxieties may be addressed.

Should the couple prefer to explore their needs together as couple this is also a possibility.

If you require any further information please feel free to call me to discuss in more depth.

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